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My name is Deron Lacy, and I am a residential loan officer with Academy Mortgage. I have been a trusted financial advisor & lender for over 30+ years in Central Florida. Moving to Orlando in 1965, I have seen the incredible growth that has happened to all of the surrounding communities and cities throughout Florida since then. Throughout my years in the financial industry, I have served on several boards and have been involved in the Greater Seminole County Chamber of Commerce, the Apopka Chamber of Commerce & the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce. It is now my honor to be a member of the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce and I welcome the opportunity to grow and serve with them as well.

As a residential lender, I recognize that purchasing a home is the biggest business transaction that most people will go thru in their lives and they will go thru this a few times and some even once. And the stresses that come along with it outside of just the lending, all the relationships involved - the agents, the sellers, having to make the moves, new school systems, families and kids - everything about it can be overwhelming. I enjoy being a part of it and maybe pull everybody back and help calm them down and walk them through how to manage the stress and enjoy this. I enjoy the face to face, the personal aspect of it and I believe that I can make the process relatively simple that can turn very difficult for many buyers and make it as easy as possible. It's a phone call or send me a text or email, we can handle your application over the phone if you like.  If you're more comfortable on your own time completing the loan application, our process is as simple as it gets - extremely user friendly and once you are done completing it, I will be notified automatically and will jump right into your application and you will have my  feedback within minutes, as quickly as I can give you my personal opinion, and them we can move forward if you feel comfortable.

I look forward to serving you and your family with your new home purchase and or refinance.

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Central Florida trusted financial advisor & banker since 1988 with licenses for residential lending in both Florida and Georgia.


Deron Lacy
Residential Loan officer

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